• November To Dismember 3: Final Round

    November To Dismember 3 Final Round: PCB vs El Zamir

    The culmination of a yearlong journey, the final match of November to Dismember is to determine the first ever Ultimate Storier!! Princess Consuela Bananahammock! El Zamir the Internet Troll!! Who will emerge victorious and be crowned the Ultimate Storier!? MISCHIEF. MAYHEM. WORDS. BELLIGERENCE....
  • November To Dismember 3: Scoff Wellington Vs Famous Monster

    November To Dismember 3: Scoff Wellington vs. FAMOUS MONSTER!

    The third match of NTD 2017 is also the third and final match between two titans of Belligerence! Two former champions collide for the deciding match in their already legendary trilogy! Who will prove superior in a match between Scoff Wellington and FAMOUS MONSTER!?...
About us


A bracketed style tournament designed to push burgeoning writers to their limits. During each round, two writers approach the stage. 3 words are chosen at the random. The writers then have 5 minutes to write anything, as long as the 3 designated words are utilized. During the round, the audience is encouraged to be as loud and raucous as possible to increase the challenge for the competitors, and enhance the fun for themselves. Dancing! Yelling! Throwing of things! At the end of 5 minutes, each writer in turn will read their work aloud to the audience. The audience, decides the winner. The winner advances, and the loser leaves. The winner of the tournament is then crowned the FBW Champion…by you. You dictate the journey. You choose a winner.. You decide how the story ends.

5 minutes. 3 words. 1 champion.
We are The Federation Of Belligerent Writers