November 18th: November To Dismember IV

**This is a 21+ Event**

All Belligerent things must come to an end, my fabulous freaks. The Federation of Belligerent Writers 2017 season culminates with the SHOW TO END ALL SHOWS. Hosted by the infamous El Zamir: the Internet Troll, November to Dismember promises you not ONE but TWO brackets, each chock full of former champions, contemporary fan favorites, and noteworthy ne’er do wells! Not only are we rewarding the title of ULTIMATE STORIER this evening, we will also be retiring the venerable Chadwick Championship Title Belt after we award it one final time to a worthy recipient! Feast your eyes on the DUAL BRACKETS!!


Round 1.) Ronalda: Intergalactic Super-pimp vs. Fumblebee vs. The Thug Pirate Roberta!!

Round 2.) Princess Consuela Bananahammock vs. El Diablo Azul vs. Grandmaster Toro!!

GRUDGE MATCH (Honorary Troll Award): Eddie the Anti-Drug Iguana vs. Dick Miller!!


Round 1.) Shithead the Clown vs. Mop Guy!!

Round 2.) Space Casey vs. Tom the Accidental Anti-Christ!!

GRUDGE MATCH: Father Shine vs. Manny the Manic Manchild!!


– El Zamir’s prompts of disgust and amazement!

– The Mighty Mike Z mixing up all your favorite beverages!!

– The famous FBW 5 minute dance parties!!

– Limbo competition!!

– Conga line!!

– A special announcement!!

This it is, Belligerent ones. The final show of the season. The final show of the year. And maybe, just maybe…the Final. FBW. EVER!!*

November to Dismember.


Ralph’s Rock Diner

Be there.




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