Sept 9th: Becky’s Tag Team Sock Hop!

**This is a 21+ Event**

Hey all you cool chicks and hip daddy-os!
It’s that time of year to celebrate Becky’s birthday and what better way than at the Sock Hop! Ladies, put on your best poodle skirts and gentlemen, slick back your hair and grab your best leather jacket because we will be dancing all night! Not only will we be dancing but FBW will be TAG TEAMING!! Triple B loves nothing more than a little 2 on 2 action!!

Don’t be a square and come out to Boston for the best night of improv, comedy, dancing, and FUN you’ve ever had!

Put on your dancing shoes and win the Twist competition and you’ll get a drink on us and maybe even a little special something from Bombshell Bitch Becky herself!!

The Thalia in Central Square
Be there!!

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