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April 8th – The Invasion!

April 8th – The Invasion!


The challenge was issued and answered, Belligerent Ones! On April 8th, at 9pm, the Federation of Belligerent Writers clashes with our counterparts from Wednesday Night Mayhem in a BATTLE FOR THE AGES!! However, lest I get ahead of myself, let’s review THE PREMISE:

A bracketed style tournament designed to push burgeoning writers and performers to their limits. During each round, two competitors approach the stage. 3 words are chosen at the random. The writers then have 3-5 minutes to write virtually anything, provided the 3 designated words are utilized. During the round, the audience is encouraged to be as loud and raucous as possible to increase the challenge for the competitors, and enhance the fun for themselves. Dancing! Yelling! Throwing of things! At the end of 5 minutes, each writer in turn will read their work aloud to the audience. And here is where you come in, audience; utilizing the double-sided sign provided to you by US at the outset of the tournament, you will vote for who will advance in the tournament. The winner advances, and the loser departs. The winner of the tournament is then crowned the FBW Champion…by you. You dictate the journey. You choose a winner. You decide how the story ends.

And this story…this story could well prove to be the most transformative in FBW history. FBW vs. WNM!! Their 5 best versus our 5 best in a contest to determine who has the superior show! The best roster! The most belligerent performances!! We’re going all out for this one, folks!! Take a look at this bracket!!

Princess Consuela Bananahammock vs. Tom, the Accidental Anti-Christ!!

Brittany Boring vs. Mr. Jameson!!

Grandmaster Toro vs. Methyl, the Surfin’ Merman!!

Tony the Townie vs. The Brown Ranger!!

And finally, in a Grudge Match that’s been building for months…El Locutor Malefico vs. Lord Gorgatron!!

Only one show will be declared superior!! Only one team will be supreme!!

Who will it be!? Will the Federation of Belligerent Writers retain their superiority, or with the Wednesday Night Mayhem stalwarts upset the balance of TIME, SPACE AND VERBOSITY to claim the title of best show!?

Only one way to find out.

April 8th.

Ralph’s Rock Diner.


Be there.


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