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El Rey de Algo has seen some things. He has seen things, man. The things he has seen are the primary reason that he has been locked up in what is, at its core, an asylum for people possessing dangerous secrets – not for people who have an actual mental illness. His memory is foggy and fractured; he often has a hard time separating truth from drug-induced fiction. The one thing he knows for certain is that he is true royalty, the illegitimate son of two royal families – one more reason his “family” has had him committed. His mental competence ranges from mostly lucid to pants-on-head crazy at a fairly high frequency. If the graph of his sanity were a sound wave, only dogs would be able to hear it. He trusts few people…and no one in the cafeteria.

Vital Stats

NAME: El Rey de Algo

HAILS FROM: [redacted]

NOTES: HOSTED – El Rey’s Totally Normal Party (2016)


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