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El Zamir The Internet Troll


El Zamir is what happens when the FBI fails to crack down on the more radioactive elements of the Deep Net’s Silk Road. Those elements gain artificial intelligence and use all of Cambodia’s remaining secret Bitcoin stash to fund an amalgam body that defies all standards of mortal physiology. Between posting dank memes, belittling bronies, and saying the word “cunt” with absolutely no shred of moderation, El Zamir sporadically finds time to spew his special breed of technological nonsense against the rest of the FBW cast. We politely remind you, the Belligerent Ones, not to feed the troll.

Vital Stats

NAME: El Zamir, The Internet Troll

HAILS FROM: The Internet

NOTES: WON – The Gauntlet Of Belligerence (2016)


Social Media

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