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Fumblebee was 1 of 2,000 offspring born to the Queen Bee. Due to her clueless nature and severe pollen allergy, she was banished from her colony, and so she left in the hopes of pursuing a career in cheerleading. One night, she was lured into a van by some masked creep with promises of free candy, only to be kicked out soon after for annoying her captor with sunny optimism. Fumblebee sat on the side of the road, grieving for the candy she’d never received, when suddenly she was approached by Ronalda, Intergalactic Super-Pimp. Ronalda offered her steady work, and Fumblebee has been in her services ever since.

Vital Stats

NAME: Fumblebee


NOTES: Was revealed to be a ruthless serial killer at Camp FBW (2016)


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