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Kevin The Intern


He is, like many others, blissfully unaware of the dark political machines that turn his world for him, of the hooded figures and besuited yes-men that build and maintain each minute, interconnected piece. And yet he is special in his own small, plucky way, though perhaps not for reasons that would please his simple mind, were it able to grasp the greater whole of it. For while many other passers-by secretly believe that they are somehow wrapped up in something greater, that life has a meaning and that they are intimately involved, that “the universe listens” and “the world has a plan” and a million other aphorisms that those who don’t listen have been selling to those who do for as long as there have been people to fool, our hero has stumbled into a position he will grow to love right up until he throws it away.

Vital Stats

NAME: Kevin The Intern

HAILS FROM: The Entry Level


WON – Toga Party (2015)

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