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Team Splendid - Young Master Leopold F. Pillowes and his manservant Dave


“Oh dear, it seems we’ve been tasked with writing some sort of biography for our splendid selves! Oh, the task, it daunts me so! But I shall persevere, just you see if I don’t, I shall persevere and be strong like those unshaven men one sees at boatyards. Yes, it is we, the unthinkably excellent Team Splendid, two lads of unimpeachable taste and style, come at last to the FBW to show these barrow-boys and rob-dogs a thing or two about panache! We are The Young Master Leopold F. Pillowes, and his stalwart companion in élan and charm, the one and only Dave! Oh yes, such splendid gentlemen are we, with our clever get-up and delightful little ways! It shall be such a pleasure, won’t it, to strut and preen about on the legendary FBW stage, and to claim mountains of lovely prizes and accolades! We shall be the belles of the ball, you may bet your dowry on it!”

Vital Stats

NAME: Young Master Leopold F. Pillowes and Dave

HAILS FROM: A Life Of Privilege

NOTES: WON (Dave) – The Black Hand Of Mayhem (2016)


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