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Thug Pirate Roberts


“Yo, so I hit the beach one day with mah boys, find myself bein’ kiddnapped by this landlubba so-called Dread Pirate. But he see from the get-go that Daquan was an O.G., ya feel? One day he goes, ‘Yo, Daquan, you a savage. Take my ship, my wenches, hell. Take mah name!’ But his name was kinda scurvy, so I flipped it up. Now, tha Thug Pirate Roberts is on an adventure for booty and beauties. Act right, and you might be the next Buttacup. Holla at me.”

Vital Stats

NAME: The Thug Pirate Roberts

HAILS FROM: The High Seas

NOTES: WON – November To Dismember (2015)


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