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Zombie Blanco


FBW’s resident punner-in-chief. Leading a loyal troop of Blancomaniacs, this intrepid baby-faced hero often butts heads (and butts) with like-minded veterans El Rey and Princess Consuela. He supposedly authors a weekly “letter to the editor” page in FBW’s entirely non-existent newsletter, in the style of “Dear Abby.” He claims that if his jokes go over the audience’s head, eager spectators should probably climb on step-ladders to catch them. His path of virtue was at one point interrupted by his untimely death and subsequent resurrection at the hands of one-time teammate, The Butcher.

Vital Stats

NAME: Zombie Blanco (Formerly: El Trueno Blanco)

HAILS FROM: Punnsylvania

NOTES: El Trueno Blanco died when he was murdered by The Butcher. Apparently, he never got the memo. Now he shuffles about on stage hurling puns that make even the dead groan.


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