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April 21st: The Colosseum

April 21st: The Colosseum

Gladiators unite! The great and powerful Queen Fumblebee has recruited us all to our hive mind and is ready to rule the night, so don your togas and join us at The Colosseum for a competition for the ages!

What is The FBW?
It’s a bracketed writing tournament that pushes writers and performers to the limits of their abilities. It’s a gathering of characters from all walks of life and beyond. It’s a dance party, a ball-throwing frenzy, and the most fun you’ll have on a Saturday night!

2 performers take the stage. With a prompt and 3 random words to incorporate, they each create a piece of writing during a 5 minute dance break. They perform their masterpieces, and you the audience votes to decide who moves on in the tournament! Only one will be crowned the FBW Word Champion!

There will be games, shenanigans, and a prize for the best toga! All for $7!


The Federation of Belligerent Writers!
Ralph’s Rock Diner!
Saturday, March 10th!

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