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July 16th – 9 PM – FBW Presents: Sindependence Day III

July 16th – 9 PM – FBW Presents: Sindependence Day III

Tickets available through Eventbrite

On behalf of the Federation of Belligerent Writers, I invite you to attend our inaugural performance in your territory on July 16th at the Davis Square Theater in Somerville.

NOT ONLY will this be our first foray into Boston, but this is also the second FBW Title show of the Season!! The winner of this show will earn the right to wear the Tiny Hat of Mischief, and earn themselves a spot on the Season Finale Bracket at November to Dismember! And what does that mean for our Boston crowd? That means we’ve assembled what is arguably the finest bracket in FBW history. BEHOLD!!

Match 1.) Princess Consuela Bananahammock vs. Ronalda, Intergalatic Super-Pimp!

Match 2.) Scoff Wellington vs. Eddie, the Anti-Drug Iguana!

Match 3.) Grandmaster Toro vs. FAMOUS MONSTER!

Match 4.) The Thug Pirate Roberts vs. El Rey de Algo!

and that’s not all!! We’ve got TWO, count ’em, TWO Grudge Matches to round out our show!!

Grudge Match One: Bronan the Brobarian vs. Ricky the Red Shirt!

Grudge Match Two: Father Angel vs. The Almighty Truth!

And we’re STILL not done!! In addition to this TREMENDOUS card, we have:

– Our World Famous Five Minute Dance Parties!

– Projectile Tossin’!

– Costumed Chicanery the likes of which you’ve never seen!

– The always essential SECRET TO BE REVEALED!

– Your Nigh-Tolerable hosts, That Guy and Bad Bitch Becky!

– And much more still!!

Belligerent Ones, come party with us as the Federation of Belligerence Writers brings the Belligerence to Boston!

Boston. You hear that sound on the horizon? That mad cacophony of ribald story-telling, rollicking laughter, and raucous celebration?

That’s us. We’re coming for ya.

July 16th.

Davis Square Theater in Somerville.

Doors at 9pm.

Be there.


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