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Oct 14th: The Rapture

Oct 14th: The Rapture

Have you ever wanted to hurl projectiles at a drunken Iguana who may or may not be wearing pants? Do you feel as though there aren’t enough dance parties in your life where you can Conga with zombies, grumpy fairies, and video game villains? Do you crave a night of raucous, word-driven hilarity the likes of which you cannot find anywhere else? Then FBW is for you!

Cursed Day! The end is nigh dear friends. It’s the apocalypse. It’s Ragnarok. It’s The Rapture! All the innocents have been whisked away to a better place and the rest of us sinners have to make the best of our last few hours before hell comes for us. What better way than to spend your time at an emergency mass held by our own Father Shine! With him leading the not so angelic chorus is our very own adorable mass murderer Fumblebee! Come and pray for forgiveness, or go for broke and go down to hell a legend. It’s not only going to be the best show you’ll go to, it will be your last!!

The Federation of Belligerent Writers returns to Ralph’s Rock Diner on Saturday, October 14th for a show of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!! Who will leave that wretched hive of scum and villainy with the final FBW relic, the Shroud of Belligerence!? Who will be judged wanting and cast down!? Will Fumblebee manage to get through an evening without murdering anyone!?

Saturday, October 14th.


Be there…and FIND OUT!!

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